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We Are Whales, where everyone can be a whale! We make signals in our telegram channel! We make at least 10X each pump! We usually carry out pumps on PancakeSwap and Poocoin exchangers. Also, in the future, pumps will be carried out on third-party services such as Hobbit, Binance, UniSwap. With each pump, it includes a coin contract, we also give a link with a coin already inscribed, you just have to go and buy. During a pump due to a large volume of purchases, you need to set a slippage (slippage) tolerance of 30-49%, so that with a strong price change, your trade is completed and not canceled. I always have 49%. When buying and selling, try to select such a number of coins so that the "Impact on price" (Impact on price) is below 10-15%. Watch the chart (provided by the pump group), and convert back to BNB when you see gains. Remember don’t hold too long, and to sell 1/3 or 1/2 to avoid failed transactions.

Why Whales Pump?

We have been working for a long time in this market! We have a huge number of users with us! They believe in us and they earn! Absolutely everyone has the opportunity to make themselves a millionaire in just one pump. We have had such cases. People earned over 50 thousand dollars for one pump.

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